10 things Japan gets awesomely right

Having lived in Japan for 5 years, I really appreciate all these things.

Living in any one community, we take for granted almost everything we do. We think that simply because most of us in an area do something a certain way, that makes it the ‘right’ way or the ‘best way’. That’s not true. Everything can be improved. And communities and people all over the world simply do things differently.

What we must do is keep an open mind, seek out these differences, and blend them with how we do things. That’s adaptation and growth, the recipe for improvement.


10 things japan gets awesome right

At the end of our recent article listing the 10 things that we think Japan gets horribly wrong, we assured you that we’d be back soon to focus on some of the positives and introduce the things that we really, truly love about living in Japan. True to our word, we sat down and decided on what we as (mostly) foreigners most love about this great little collection of islands, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Although Japan is not without its faults, it is nevertheless an incredibly efficient and easy-to-live-in country, and we’ve discovered that there are numerous things that the Japanese get not just right, but awesomely right.

Join us after the jump for our top 10 things we love about Japan.

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