Gossip and Witch Hunts

Selena Kitt

I think I’m in love with Selena Kitt.

This article (Porn Hunt 2013: Gossip Boys “Researching” Porn Real Hard) is absolutely stellar. Well written, a touch of humour, truthful and persuasive. She is so smart and her blog is such a pleasure to read that it makes you want to pick up a copy of her books. All of them.

In the article she discusses the current storm surrounding the self publishing world and reveals the truth of the entire matter. It was caused by irresponsible people, and then covered by irresponsible journalists, and now action is being taken by irresponsible booksellers, namely those dealing in ebooks. Including Amazon, who reportedly sells 70-80% of all ebooks, and on whom thousands of authors depend for their livelihood, and millions of readers and fans for their stories.

There are so many people suffering because of the bad decisions of so very few. Selena hits the nail on the head. Actually, multiple nails. Gossip is completely irresponsible. Nailed it. Journalists are sensationalists who do not properly research the material they’re reporting and are therefore deceiving the public. Nailed it. Book sellers are very much over-reacting – and BETRAYING – the very people that help make them successful – authors and readers. Nailed it.

Whether you’re an erotica fan or not, the actions of Amazon and others have a negative impact on the world of books, and beyond. Because people will watch and see how these folks react to an issue, and they will react the same way elsewhere. Today it’s a witch hunt over sexy book titles. Tomorrow it’s spicy food. Censorship is wrong.

Read this article and learn how we damage people when we don’t clearly think about the consequences of our actions. Think about the consequences of your actions.


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