A Letter To Bad People

By Timothy Baril

Dear Bad People,


This is a letter to all the bad people in the world. The people who choose to be rude, crude, lazy, ignorant and selfish. The people who choose to spread pain and suffering. You are all the people make the world harder for the rest of us. To all of you out there I say this:

Fuck you.

Fuck you to the people who choose to smoke, spreading your stink and cancer-causing smoke in public and dragging down our health care systems. We’re sick of smelling like an ashtray because of you.

Fuck you to all the corrupt politicians who choose to think it’s a good idea to make smoking legal, when it’s scientifically proven to be harmful to everyone’s health. You knowingly let greedy businesses poison the public so you can harvest taxes from addicts. By your logic, as long as its taxed properly, we may as well legalize heroine and murder.

Fuck you to the people who  choose to be fat, who force stores to carry eighteen different sizes instead of eighteen different styles and place increasing burdens on our health care systems. You’re surrounded by information on how to live a healthy live, so ignorance is not an excuse. Being unhealthy is a choice.

Fuck you to everyone who thinks they’re the exception to the rule, the one-in-a-million in order to not be responsible for their decisions. Odds are, you’re not an exception. You’re not allowed to blame rare genes until you’ve proven that the vegetables and exercise don’t work.

Fuck you to everyone who chooses to be uncomfortable with the words Fuck You. Grow up. We should not be scared of words. Don’t want your kids to use fuck as every second word? Then teach them how to use it properly!

Still just a word though.
Still just a word though.

Fuck you to all those who choose to be drunk drivers. Even you assholes who think one drink is ok. Killing someone because of your negligence is not ok.

Fuck you to the the people who choose to be thieves, taking what they don’t earn and who choose to be murders, taking what’s irreplaceable. This includes corporations and nations.

Fuck you to the police who chose to think enforcing the law is more important than thinking about what laws you’re enforcing. Are you someone else’s blind tool, a robot controlled by political corruption and greed? Or are you a member of our community whose first concern is the welfare of the people you’re supposed to be helping?


Fuck you to all the bankers and financiers and stock traders and everyone else who choses to create so-called wealth out of nothing. Your currency wars, mortgage schemes, empty investments and illusionary economy are hurting all the people doing real work.

Fuck you to the corporate profiteers who choose to try to take over education and raise us all to be mindless worker drones and consumer slaves. This is a system designed to create further wealth disparity, and that is totally wrong.

Fuck you to the “one percent” and everyone else who choses to think profit is a good word. The wealth disparity you choose to create gives rise to most of our social ills. Nothing you can possibly do makes you deserve a thousand times more than anyone else. Profit = unequal.


Fuck you to everyone who chooses to think the military is a good idea, from soldiers to the politicians who send them overseas. Your job is murder, and you profit from it. And every dollar spend on guns is a dollar less for education, health care and science. And the people that choose to cheer them on, encouraging these people to invade other countries? I hope that happens to you some day.

Fuck you to anyone who chooses not to believe in evolution.

Fuck you to everyone choosing to spend more time with a television than with friends and family.

Fuck you to everyone choosing to spend more time at work than with friends and family.

Fuck you to people who chose to be rapists. And fuck you to all the unnecessarily paranoid women out there who choose to lump all the great guys in the world with a few bad apples, and make them feel like shit.


Fuck you to all the self-absorbed princess-types who choose to think it’s the man’s responsibility to make them happy in life. And the women who choose to think having kids excuses your obesity and that you never have to do your nails or hair again after marriage.

Fuck you to all the guys who choose to have beer guts and choose to never learn to communicate emotionally. Why the hell aren’t you trying to become someone’s knight in shining armor or Prince Charming?

Fuck you to all the parents who choose to use their kids as an excuse. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Stop using your children as an excuse to not be with friends, to never exercise, to stop being involved with your community. Your friends are happy to hang out when your kids are around, and you’ve got other friends and family and babysitters to give you time off. They will help you. Stop choosing to do everything by yourself.


Fuck you to people who choose to waste food.

Fuck you to all the people choosing to genetically engineer our food, smothering the land in chemicals that poison the planet and all of your customers, monopolizing our agriculture and putting this basic necessity at risk.

Fuck you to the politicians who choose to care more about their publicity than getting things done for the right people and for the right reasons.

Fuck you to the assholes choosing to hide behind corporate masks who buy our politicians and manipulate our governments. Who choose to care more about profits than people and our future.

Fuck you to the CEOs and other executives choosing your golden handshakes and golden parachutes and golden fucking bathroom faucets in your fucking sixteen bedroom mansions. How about sharing that with all the good people doing the actual work in our companies?


Fuck you to all the ignorant voters out there who choose to eagerly swallow wholesale garbage about how to think and feel, never doing their civic duty to learn about issues or participate in politics. All those whose chosen apathy and ignorance encourage our communities to rot.

Fuck you to all the girls who choose to slut-shame peers and to all you guys who choose to jump on their bandwagon just to ingratiate yourselves with haters who can’t handle the competition in hope you might get laid. Slut shaming is just negative competition. If you can’t learn to be sexy and smart and fun, then you rightfully deserve less attention.


Fuck you to all the people choosing to be bullies, who think pushing other people down is a legitimate life strategy. I hope the pain you give comes back to you a thousand-fold.


Fuck you to all the people that choose to think our identity is tied to material things and what we like or don’t like, instead of values and principles and each other.

Fuck you to all the people who choose to just not give a shit. You choose not to care. You choose not to try. But somehow find the energy to choose to insult others and drag down everyone that does care and does try.

Fuck you to everyone who chooses not to understand that diversity is a vital necessity to society, to culture, to all Life, and that being different is often a good thing.

Fuck you to all those who choose to believe in imaginary beings instead of ourselves and each other. And who choose to use these beliefs to hurt other people.


Fuck you to all those who choose to piss on Christmas for being too commercial. Get out there and choose to make it something more worthwhile then. Stop choosing to suck the magic out of it for those of us who still believe in love and goodwill towards man. (And no, Christmas doesn’t have to be religious. In fact, it’s more inclusive and focuses more on goodwill to others without religion.)

Fuck you to all those who choose to think Halloween is stupid because they choose to be too cowardly to wear a costume in public.

Fuck you to everyone who chooses to respond with a smart-ass ‘witty’ comment instead of choosing something constructive to contribute. Your attempt to be ‘funny’ is still an attack. Mockery and ridicule hurt.

Fuck you to everyone choosing to produce mass-marketed food, who chooses to cut corners and raise profits by substituting honest nutrition with chemicals and sawdust.

Fuck you to people who choose to be terrorists and the people who choose to fund them and hide them. And to all the people who choose to jump all over terrorism as an excuse to sell shit, to get your face on camera, to get votes, to pass bullshit laws. Even all you assholes who chose a career as an airport security guard, only concerned about your own pay check, not the system you’re choosing to support, making flying a miserable experience for millions of people every day.


Fuck you to the people choosing to be liars. That goes double for career liars like the marketers, the insurance sellers, and the doomsday peddlers.

Fuck you to the people who choose to make education a financial burden that half of us can’t afford, and which chains the other half to shitty jobs for decades just so they can pay off student loans.

Fuck you the people choosing to be Cheaters. All those people out there who want something for nothing, who want a better result than the person they’re dealing with. You’re a virus that plagues us all, and the more you spread, the worse off we all become.

Fuck you to everyone who chooses to be scared of nudity and sex. Choosing to label everything as NSFW and banning these beautiful and NECESSARY things from all walks of life. The human body and sex are COMPLETELY NATURAL. They bring pleasure. They are needed for reproduction. You’re choosing to wrongly make people feel ashamed of themselves, spreading pain and causing negative self image.

Breasts. Because fuck you they're awesome.
Breasts. Because fuck you they’re awesome.

Fuck you to all the people who choose to take the environment for granted and rape it for unnecessary, unsustainable commercial purposes. All life is connected, and when you destroy part of it, you put the rest at risk. You’re choosing to selfishly put our future at risk for a shiner new TV.

Fuck you to everyone who chooses to be selfish. You cause nothing but pain.

Fuck you to everyone who chooses to be ignorant. In the age of information, ignorance is no longer an excuse. It’s a choice. You’re a cancer choosing to hold the rest of us back.


Humanity is a team. Progress and happiness are shared goals. The reason why we’re not achieving our potential as a species and as a community, is because of all the people out there sabatoging this team and dragging us down. This includes the apathetic.

All life is nothing but a series of choices and decisions. Want better choices? Go look for them or make them. Want a better world? Make better decisions. All all decisions easy and black and white? No. Can we improve our abilities to make decisions? Yes. With experience, open-mindedness, study and practice. Decision-making is a result of personal growth, the attainment of wisdom, and skill development.

Are we expected to be perfect in life? Never. Are we expected to not make mistakes? Never. Should we be trying our best at all times, not just for our sakes, but for the sake of everyone around us and future generations? Yes!

Making mistakes is fine. It’s part of learning. We’re a mixed bag of development. We all develop at different rates, and even within ourselves, different parts of us grow at varying times. At any given time there are parts of us that are awesome, and parts which need a lot of work. You only qualify as a ‘bad’ person when you have more negative qualities than positive, and when you simply don’t care if that’s true. A bad person is someone whose primary characteristic is selfishness. They know what they are doing is wrong and they CHOOSE to continue acting in that manner.

Don’t worry, just because you’re not perfect DOES NOT mean you’re a bad person. Even if you’re guilty of some of the things in this letter, you may be a good person. As long as you’re actively trying to improve and make the best decisions in life, you’re doing your part. Choosing to do your best, but making mistakes along the way is OK. Actively trying to improve and is the defining characteristic of a good person. Effort matters. Don’t give up on yourself, don’t feel bad about yourself just because every decision isn’t perfect. Just remember, a bad person doesn’t care about the consequences of their mistakes and doesn’t try to do better in the future. A good person takes responsibility that better decisions are possible and works to make them in the future.

Even if you’re a bad person now, it’s not something written into your genetic code. We are a result of our decisions, and therefore completely changeable at all times. Who we are is completely within our control. If we want to be good people and take the steps to make that so, it will happen. Don’t lose hope in yourself. Never give up.

To all those choosing to actively work towards helping themselves and humanity become the best team it can be – thank you. Proud to stand alongside you. 🙂

To all those who have made mistakes in the past, have been bad people in the past, but choose to live better in the future, your transgressions are forgiven as soon as you prove yourself. Welcome. We look forward to seeing you grow and become a better person. 🙂

To all the rest, those choosing to actively work against our team, choosing to hurt their fellow man, including those who choose to do nothing and choose to be nothing and therefore support the bad things in life,

Fuck you.


(Sometimes all the nice, positive encouragement and good messages never work. Sometimes people are more responsive to a kick in the ass. This is one. Is it going to make people defensive, angry, lash out? Probably. But if it gets them to think, to doubt themselves, to feel guilty and therefore change for the better, good.)


© Copyright Timothy Baril 2014

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