Magnificent Models and Phenoms of Photography (part 1)


Nervous about nude photography and sexuality? That’s how many people have unfortunately learned to think. Read this brilliant open letter about how perfectly natural the human body is, and how it’s something to be appreciated.

There’s no need to be embarrassed by our bodies and our sexuality. Express, experiment and enjoy! 😀


The greatest hurdle for any artist to overcome is themselves.  They must battle through criticism, self doubt, failure, lack of support, hostile people, and more in order to bring their dreams to reality. By any measure, all the artists featured here are a success. Let their work touch you, inspire you, stretch your imagination, and give you insights into life itself.

And smile, because these folk are AWESOME! 😀

Purchases and Booking

Most of these models and photographers may be open to bookings. Many sell prints or other merchandise. Love their work? Support and enjoy them and help them continue to produce by buying work or commissioning them.

Show Your Love – Support Artists!

Artists appreciate emotional support and sharing. Follow them on DeviantArt, on Facebook, write them a note telling them how great their work is. Spread the word and introduce these amazing artists to your friends and family as well.



Sylvio Testa




Artist | Professional | Photography
Instagram: Ann_BountyTHANKS TO ALL!!!NEW PHOTO BOOK with me:…Book with me from Artofden…VIDEO WITH ME: modelXXL magazine – girl of number
FHM magazine – girl of number
Photo / Video for russian erotic channel “Russian Nights” project “Miss Russian Night”.I live in Russia in St.Petersburg,but I travel a lot.


Olenka Dobrova
Artist | Student | Photography
Current Residence: Kiev
Favourite genre of music: ambient


Artist | Professional | Photography
United States


Tristan k
United Kingdom


Fiona Bergson
Artist | Professional | Other
Fiona Bergson (from France and newly expat in Canada), international tattoo magazine cover girl has always had a passion for tattoos and always been attracted to the dark side of realist/surrealist art. She decided to combine her passion to her job in creating Imperial Tattoo Connexion (tattoo flash supplier). Recently, she also became the advertising agent in Canada for the great magazine “Tattoo Life”. She is now part of many international tattoo shows and is constantly looking for new artists to suggest you.Imperial Tattoo Connexion’s role is to gather the best of what currently exists in the realist/surrealist world of the tattoo industry. You can discover and buy artists’ pieces and works, such as : Jack Ribeiro, Thomas Kynst, Milosh… Exclusively, Imperial Tattoo Connexion suggests you Toxyc’s sketchbook (exclusive rights to Imperial Tattoo Connexion), as well as a series of pictures by the very talented photographer Lukas


Current Residence: South Germany
Print preference: if you want to buy my prints, contact me

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