Uncomfortable Truths

Social Network Post:
“I like cats! Here’s a video of kittens!” – LIKE LIKE LIKE COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT

Result: more friends, more sharing, more invites to parties

Social Network Post:
Statement of uncomfortable truth. – Silence

Result: friends grow distant.


A huge part of human conversation is rehashing the same things as everyone else. It’s a way of sharing information, but more importantly, of reaffirming group membership.

“I like dogs.”
“I like dogs too!”

Great, we both share the same superficial characteristic. Now I know we’re both members of the same group. We are free to trust and deal with each other.

We do this in so many ways, from bitching about the weather (we all have to complain about it no matter if it’s hot or cold, dry or rainy, it’s never good), to politics (yes, I support whatever current cause everyone else supports!).

But try to bring up something real, something worth talking about instead of the inane BS we banter about and everyone goes silent. No one wants to face the truths that need to be addressed.

denial-bury-head-sand-truthIf it doesn’t fit someone’s agenda, no-one responds to it.

“I support women’s rights!”
“Hell yeah, me too!”
“All men are pigs!”
“All women are victims!”

Group membership affirmation successful. Female agenda satisfied.

“A society of equal rights? Awesome? I’m for that. I support women’s rights. Men’s rights too!”

Result: alienation from the group. Females hostile.



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