Playboy is Dead


This is so hard to write. I’m choked up. There are tears hovering, ready to spill forth.

This news, and this by Fortune, are so heartbreaking. I won’t even link to Playboy’s current site. I can’t. There was a time when I urged all my friends to open their magazine and see it for themselves. Now I want to warn people away.

I was a huge fan of Playboy for twenty plus years. I have years worth of magazines stored in boxes; sentimental treasures. Hugh Hefner’s creation was groundbreaking; he is on of the founders of the modern sexual revolution. The cultural impact of Playboy Magazine cannot be understated no matter how much it’s misunderstood by the general public.

But the Playboy Hugh Hefner created is gone. In the hands of new execs and under pressure by the vast hordes of idiots who use the internet, the magazine has radically changed.

PB_CHAMPAGNE-AND-C_2790609kWhere are the brilliant pieces of literature by world-famous greats? Where are the wicked in-depth interviews with some of the world’s most important people? Where’s the investigative journalism that shattered secrets? Gone. Terribly, horribly – gone!

The magazine might have opened eyes because of its nudity in an age when that was taboo, but it became legitimate and respected because the articles really were that good. As good as any ‘respectable’ news portal or other magazine. In fact, they often led the way, inspiring writers in those other publications. But now Playboy has transformed into the moronic Buzz-feed, trashy celebrity crap that the public can’t seem to get enough of.

They don’t even publish nude photos any more because the world is run by social media, which are all conservatively anti-nude. Without a solid presence on social media, no media business can succeed today. They had no choice but to give into the body-shaming public they’d tried for years to change.

PB_CHAMPAGNE-AND-C_2790581kIt’s hard to blame Playboy entirely for doing what they had to to survive. Most of the blame rests squarely on Jane the Prude and Johnny Idiot who are only concerned with surfing the net for the latest useless celebrity gossip and misleading, attention-grabbing headlines and low-brow jokes and other garbage. I’m ashamed of my ‘fellow’ man/woman.

Playboy built itself on being a platform aimed at highly intelligent and successful men. But the sheer weight of the common man was too much. Playboy is dead. Playboy 2.0 is something else entirely, and should not even be associated with its illustrious past.

RIP Playboy. We’ll miss you.


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